Teeth in a Day™

Discover Same-Day Dental Solutions With Dental Implants

Get a full set of Teeth in a Day™ with a dental implant prosthesis in Glendale, AZ

It’s natural for your teeth to age as you do. As other parts of you get weaker, your teeth may begin to decay and breakdown, requiring they be removed or if left untreated, they may even break apart in your mouth, leaving ugly gaps that can ruin your smiles and cause your jaw to change shape.

Dental implants can be used to fill these spaces with natural looking teeth that require no additional care beyond standard oral hygiene practices, and function like real teeth. However, when missing many teeth on your jaw, replacing each tooth individually can be costly and complex, with multiple surgeries and a lengthy treatment time. While many turn to removable dentures to replace all the teeth in their jaw, a fixed dental prosthesis, seated on dental implants can be a much more reasonable option, and even has the advantage of being a procedure that can be completed in a single day. These “Teeth in a Day” options can get you into the dental chair with your broken and missing teeth, and out with a full jaw of new, attractive teeth.

Teeth in a Day™ are permanently attached to your mouth, so you can avoid the inconvenience and dietary limitations of normal removable dentures. This implant dramatically improves quality of life for patients by allowing for proper speaking and chewing, increasing self-confidence and comfort, and reducing the resorption of bone. They are designed to look, feel and act like healthy set of teeth, and can be used to replace either the entire upper or lower set of teeth, or both if necessary.

Teeth in a Day™

dental implant prosthetics in Glendale are available in a number of different attachment styles and trade names such as:

  • All-on-4®
  • Bar Attachment Denture
  • Immediate Load Hybrid Prosthesis
  • and others

Are Teeth in a Day™ the Right Choice For Me?

Patients with severe tooth decay or loss in most or all of the teeth in a jaw, have removable dentures that are loose or uncomfortable, or those who would require a bone graft to be eligible for individual dental implants may be good candidates for Teeth in a Day™. Speak to Dr. Ceyhan about your options today.

Should I Try to Save My Real

Speak to your cosmetic dentist in Peoria, AZ about whether your teeth are salvageable and what other treatment options may be available to you. If your teeth cannot be saved, a North Phoenix Teeth in a Day™ prosthodontic procedure may be less costly than trying to keep badly damaged teeth.

After my Teeth are Extracted, Do I Have to Wait to Get My New Teeth?

Teeth in a Day™ procedures are designed to allow you to keep your natural teeth until your new set is ready. You’ll have one or two visits with your cosmetic dentist to gather impressions, x-rays, and other information to create your treatment plan, then you will return for a visit that will extract any remaining teeth, place the dental implants, and within 24 hours, your new temporary teeth are fitted and adjusted. After the gums have fully healed and the implants have fused to your jaw bone, usually about 6 months, new impressions will be taken and your final, permanent set of teeth is adjusted to your mouth to ensure the best support, appearance, function, and longevity of the prosthetic.

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