“To say that you are the best dentist in the WORLD would merely be an understatement. When I found you, my teeth were not in the best of conditions to say the least. I had bad experiences in the past leading up to that point, and I was not exactly excited to be sitting in your chair. My case was not ordinary by any means. We have been on quite a journey between the root canals, braces, jaw surgery and crowns; which was very scary considering I had never had a cavity up to that point. With that being said, I can now honestly say, I have never had a Dr. that is as compassionate, caring and so thorough in my life! You are truly one of a kind. The way you care for your patients is absolutely amazing! I could not even imagine going through all I did with any other dentist. I cannot even express to you how grateful I am to have found you and the unbelievable work you did to save my smile. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Ceyhan for being you and your unbelievable abilities!”

– Ana B. – Avondale, AZ

“Dr. Ceyhan did exceptional dentistry work for me recently and brought back a smile that had not been seen for almost 20 years. It started with the replacement of 4 missing upper teeth with implants and the addition of 7 upper porcelain caps appropriately detailed and colored to match my existing teeth. Dr. Ceyhan also referred me to an orthodontist that put Arrowhead braces on my lower teeth and now they are nice and straight. I am thrilled to say that the golden smile I grew up with is now back with me at the tender age of 60. Thank you Dr. Ceyhan for the care and interest that made me most comfortable during this procedure.”

– Paul S. – Laveen, AZ

“I have been going to Aesthetic Dentistry for some time now and the last time I went in for a check up and cleaning, I told Dr. Ceyhan that I had been experiencing some sensitivity in several of my teeth. With much apprehension, I ended up getting some crowns on several of my teeth. Dr. Ceyhan was very gentle and sensitive to my “fear” of this procedure. He and his staff were also very accommodating, given my fluctuating work schedule, which made the process even more worry free. The end result of the crowns was a major improvement on my smile, which I thought couldn’t be done without more extensive dental work.

Thank you Dr. Ceyhan. I will refer all of my friends and family !”

– Jennifer B – Peoria, AZ

“Dr. Ceyhan essentially designed and performed a full mouth restoration and reconfiguration of my bite. He managed not only his own work, but that of an orthodontist and endodontist, ensuring that every step was done to his perfectionist standards. We all know that perfectionists can drive the less obsessed crazy. But there are some tasks that demand just that degree of obsessiveness; of commitment to a craft. Your teeth are one of those areas. What the dentist does is often permanent. You want it done right. Dr. Ceyhan does it right, and he hires a staff that is every bit as professional and perfectionist.

I know this sounds like an advertisement. But as I was not blessed genetically with great teeth, I have a spent fortunes, with many dentists, and never achieved the same kind of results. No more headaches or jaw aches. Beautiful smile. However the best measure of Dr. Ceyhan is the respect he gets from the specialists he works with. It is clear they admire his work and his opinion, and I believe they actually “up their game” when they know you are one of Dr. Ceyhan’s patients. They know he will call them to ensure they understand what needs to be done, and that he will follow up afterwards. They even know the exact techniques he wants them to use for things like temporary cement!

The bottom line is that, when you see Dr. Ceyhan and his team, you become HIS patient. You have put your mouth in the hands of a professional, and you can relax, knowing that he will make the correct decisions, and implement them to perfection.

And, by the way, it is wonderful to have a smile you can be proud to beam to people. It makes all the difference in the world.”

– Jim B. – Phoenix, AZ

“So happy to find Dr. Greg Ceyhan DDS and his dental practice at Arrowhead in Glendale, AZ. Dr. Ceyhan’s office is modern and esthetically pleasing when you walk in and are welcomed by the doctor and his staff. Dr. Ceyhan’s dental practices and techniques cause the patient to trust and feel at ease as they are being treated. Dr. Ceyhan and his staff always strive for “nothing but the best” service and care for each of his patients, and has always been there to treat dental emergencies, which may accidentally occur both during and after business hours – showing genuine care and concern for the patient’s dental needs. On a scale of 1-10; Dr. Ceyhan and his staff receive and deserve more than a solid 10.”

– LaTroy N. – Youngtown, AZ