How to Determine Whether You Are Good Candidate for Dental Implants

Are you eligible for dental implants? Ask North Phoenix Cosmetic Dentist Greg Ceyhan

How to Determine Whether You Are Good Candidate for North Phoenix Dental Implants
Dental implants have become the gold standard in replacing missing teeth. Figure out if you are a good candidate.
North Phoenix, AZ

Almost everyone is a candidate for dental implants, although certain factors can make some patients better candidates than others. A consultation with your North Phoenix cosmetic dentist which includes taking a complete medical history and x-rays of your jawbones will help establish how good a candidate you are for North Phoenix dental implants.

Dental implants have become the gold standard in replacing missing teeth. Older methods of tooth replacement such as removable dentures and dental bridges have some drawbacks. Dentures must be removed for cleaning, and most people find it embarrassing to be without their teeth. In addition many people find it difficult to keep their dentures comfortably in place and require denture adhesive to do so. Dentures also require refitting and/or replacing every 7 to 10 years due to changes in the jawbones. Dental bridges are fitted in place by reducing the teeth on either side to affix them to, which amounts to drilling into perfectly healthy teeth.

Dental implants are permanent artificial tooth roots that are surgically implanted in the jaw bone. As the gum and bone heals around the dental implant the implant is able to fuse with the jawbone, becoming a part of it. Artificial teeth are then attached to the dental implant. The implants are permanent and look and feel like natural teeth.

The peak benefits of dental implants are the stability and comfort they provide, and the fact that they help prevent bone loss. When natural teeth are lost, the bone has no pressure from chewing to stimulate it and begins to shrink. That’s the reason dentures need to be replaced every 7 to 10 years and the reason for the changes in the facial appearance of denture wearers.

The success rate of today’s dental implants is nearing 98%. Although most Peoria patients are candidates for dental implants, there are a few factors that can influence just how successful the implants are. One of those factors is the health of your gums. Gum disease must be addressed, and any bad teeth must be removed. If you have experienced bone loss in your jaw a bone graft may be required. These issues must be attended to by your North Phoenix dentist before dental implants can be a consideration.

Why Dental Implants Are A Great Solution For Replacing Missing Teeth

Physical health can also influence whether or not you are a good candidate for dental implants. Most patients are healthy enough to receive dental implants if they are healthy enough for routine oral surgery. If you have uncontrolled diabetes or heart disease your dentist may wish to confer with your family doctor. These issues may slightly increase the chance of the dental implant failing, but there is still a high likelihood of success. Discuss these issues with your dentist.

Additionally, dental implants are sometimes not recommended for growing children since their jawbone is still changing. This is another topic to discuss with your North Phoenix dentist.
The failure rate of carefully placed, modern dental implants is very low, and most likely attributable to patient noncompliance with instructions concerning oral hygiene and regular dental visits. Smoking is also a proven detriment to the success rate of dental implants, lowering the success rate by as much as 10%. Smoking is not conducive to healing. However, with good dental hygiene and regular dental checkups most implants can last a lifetime.

Patients report a high level of satisfaction with dental implants, but the benefits are not only cosmetic. Dental implants allow you to chew more efficiently thereby improving digestion and nutrition. They also enable you to speak more clearly and experience a higher level of personal confidence. If you would like to begin your journey to a confident smile call to schedule a consultation with the caring staff at Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead, where you will find convenient appointment hours and numerous payment options to help you get started.

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