Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction is the procedure of removing a tooth from its socket. This may be done because the tooth is badly decayed to the point of being unrecoverable with a root canal or cavity filling, with the intent of creating additional space for other crowded teeth (such as may be a reason to remove healthy wisdom teeth), or to allow for the placement of a dental implant or full denture set.

Procedure On Removing A Tooth

To begin a tooth extraction in Glendale, a local anesthetic is first applied or injected to reduce discomfort. In certain cases your Glendale dentist may choose to use nitrous oxide in addition to or in place of local anesthesia. After the area has been numbed, the tooth is wiggled in its socket until loose by an instrument called a dental elevator, and then forceps are used to remove the tooth.

Extraction’s Possible Complications

Be aware after your procedure that there are potential complications during or after the extraction of a tooth in Glendale. There is a chance for infection, tenderness is common around the extraction and anesthetic injection site, prolonged bleeding may occur, neighboring teeth or their fillings and crowns may loosen, and residents of Glendale may experience dry socket. Dry socket occurs when the blood clot protecting your nerves and jaw bone never develops correctly or is dislodged. Avoiding sucking through a straw, smoking, and alerting your dentist if you are taking any medications or supplements that may affect your body’s ability to clot can assist in preventing these issues.

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Importance Of Replacing The Missing Tooth

Why is it important to replace the tooth that has been removed? Teeth tend to hold each other in place, maintaining the stability of your jaw as a set. The space created by an extracted tooth is no longer supporting the teeth surrounding it, and these teeth may shift into this space. This can cause tooth misalignments that can result in jaw-joint problems such as temporomandibular disorder, or chewing issues. The shifted teeth are harder to clean thoroughly with brush and floss, and so are more susceptible to cavities, gum disease, and even additional tooth loss. For these reasons, it’s important to replace the tooth with a dental appliance such as a bridge, a removable partial denture or a dental implant.

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Pulling A Repairable Tooth

You may be considering the option of pulling a damaged tooth instead of simply repairing it because of the decreased cost between procedures, but while it appear to be less expensive, once you begin examining the need to then fill that space to prevent further damage to the surrounding teeth, you may find that repairing the tooth is the better option. Speak to your Peoria dentist about which options are best for your individual situation.

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