How Long do I have to Wear Braces?

Without an orthodontic exam that is a difficult question to answer. Each person’s orthodontic problems are different, as are each person’s goals they hope to accomplish by orthodontics treatment. Your dentist in Peoria will perform an oral exam and then discuss braces and other orthodontics treatment options with you.

As to how long you will wear braces, there are countless determining factors, such as your age and the severity of your orthodontic issues. How a patient will respond to treatment differs from case to case, so your Peoria dentist can’t tell you how long it will take the way a mechanic can tell you how long it will take to change a tire. Here are some typical estimated treatment times according to Peoria dentists.

how long wear braces

In a young patient, when all the permanent teeth have come in, if the bite is good, and no extractions are necessary, sometimes treatment can be completed in as little as a year. This is probably the easiest type of case.

In the next best case scenario, a patient may have severe crowding, and a bad bite, possibly even a cross bite, but the dentist doesn’t need to extract any teeth. In such a case Peoria braces will generally need to be worn 12 to 18 months. It may also be necessary to wear a palatal expander in order to correct severe crowding.

If crowding is severe enough that it’s necessary to extract permanent teeth, orthodontic treatment time is usually between 18 and 24 months. Treatment takes longer when it’s necessary to extract teeth since it means that every single one of your teeth will have to be moved to fill in the space created by the missing teeth.

Another circumstance that can affect how long you will need to wear braces is your age. It has been proven that the sooner a patient gets braces in Arrowhead the more quickly their teeth will move. Sometimes orthodontic treatment is accomplished in a two step process where a child as young as six or seven can begin treatment. Usually treatment cannot be completed until all of the secondary teeth have erupted, but the second stage of the treatment can be shortened significantly by the earlier preparation. Early intervention can also reduce a child’s need for extractions or surgery later on, while also helping to prevent any loss of confidence that can happen to children with severe orthodontic problems.

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In addition, other factors that can lengthen treatment time include a discrepancy in jaw size, which may require additional treatment, such as expanders, headgear or other appliances. Impacted teeth or missing teeth can also lengthen treatment time. Each patient is unique and will respond differently to orthodontics treatment. Severe orthodontic issues can require 30 to 36 months of treatment. This is often the case with adults who require surgery or extractions. Unlike the upper arch, the lower arch size is set once the patient is finished growing, so in difficult cases surgery may be needed. When dealing with adults, the longer the teeth have been in position the longer it may take to reposition them. In addition, some type of retainer may be needed indefinitely to overcome the tendency of teeth to revert to their former position.

Another factor that influences treatment time is the type of braces used. Metal braces constructed of stainless steel are the strongest type of braces and are able to move teeth in the quickest manner. Clear or tooth colored ceramic braces often require a longer treatment time because ceramic is not as durable as metal. Invisalign in Glendale and lingual braces are also known to take longer to reposition teeth. Furthermore, when considering Invisalign, remember they must be worn 22 hours per day to be effective, so noncompliance often lengthens treatment time.

If you want to correct your orthodontic issues in the fastest and most economical manner available, then choose metal braces and follow your dentist’s instructions carefully. There are good reasons for the list of foods you will be instructed to avoid. There will be foods that your dentist recommends that you avoid and there will be foods that are absolutely to be avoided.

braces If you want to shorten the time that you wear Arrowhead braces you will avoid these foods that can damage them. Sticky foods such as caramel, Gummi Bears and taffy are the worst. They can easily pull a bracket right off your tooth or pull the archwire from the bracket. In addition to lengthening your treatment time, a wire or bracket poking into the inside of your mouth can be quite uncomfortable.

If you are interested in braces, call Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead to schedule an Peoria orthodontic evaluation that’s free of charge. Dr. Ceyhan has been practicing dentistry for decades, while continually increasing his education, in order to provide his patients with the best possible treatment. He has worked successfully with extremely difficult cases. Dr. Ceyhan and the staff will be happy to answer all of your questions. Our practice is completely centered around our patients.

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