Why do my Teeth Hurt (worse) at Night in Peoria?

Why do my Teeth Hurt (worse) at Night in Peoria?

Why do my Teeth Hurt (worse) at Night in Peoria?

There can be several reasons that your pain worsens at night, usually having to do with the cause of the toothache.
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A toothache is miserable at any time, but at night, toothache pain can become unbearable. There can be several reasons that your pain worsens at night, usually having to do with the cause of the toothache. Only a dental exam performed by a Peoria dentist can correctly determine the cause.

Bruxism is the dental term for tooth grinding. It’s a common problem, often brought on by stress. While you can try to become more conscious of grinding or clenching your teeth during the day, you may be grinding your teeth all night long and be completely unaware of it. Teeth grinding can wear away enamel, and result in tooth pain and headaches. After a dental exam, if your dentist determines this is the cause of your Peoria toothache pain, a special bite guard to wear while you sleep can alleviate the problem
Another cause of nighttime toothaches can be food particles that have become trapped between the teeth and under the gums during meals. Thorough flossing and/or the use of a water flosser can bring relief. If the gum appears to be infected, the use of one part hydrogen peroxide to two parts water in the water flosser may help clear it up within a few days. If not, see your Peoria dentist.

Cavities, or dental caries, are among the most common toothache causes. A cavity may only hurt when you chew on it or expose it to hot or cold, but eventually, the pain can become more constant.

One of the more serious and painful conditions that result in toothache pain is an abscessed tooth. And abscess is an infection at the root of the tooth. It can be caused by trauma to the tooth, gum disease or severe tooth decay. Symptoms of an abscessed tooth include severe pain, sensitivity to hot or cold, and possibly a fever. Once infection has spread this far it requires immediate treatment by your Peoria dentist.

Whatever the cause of the toothache, the pain tends to increase at night. If the pain is caused by bruxism it has probably built up throughout the day. If the pain is caused by a cavity or an abscess, chewing throughout the day has probably aggravated it, and in addition, when you lay down the blood flows more rapidly to your head, which can result in throbbing pain.

If you are experiencing nighttime toothache pain, some stopgap measures that may bring relief until you can see your Peoria dentist for a dental exam include:

  • Over the counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen
  • The use of a cold pack
  • Swishing warm salt water around the area
  • The use of an over the counter toothache numbing product

Peoria toothache exam.

These are temporary measures. Pain is your body’s way of telling you something
is wrong. If the pain is caused by an abscessed tooth or by gum disease, the infection can spread to the bloodstream, so it’s important that you schedule a dental exam as soon as possible.

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