5 Things You Didn’t Know about Teeth Whitening

Teeth can become yellowed or discolored over time because of age, smoking, or bad dietary choices. Even with diligent dental hygiene, the teeth can lose their luster and become dull and discolored. Stained teeth can make you look much older than you are, and they can make you feel self-conscious so that you don’t smile as much as you would like.

Teeth whitening can help your smile shine again, giving it a much whiter and brighter look, making you feel more confident and improving your overall look. Yet many people don’t get the teeth whitening that they need because they don’t understand it. Here are five things you didn’t know about teeth whitening to help you make the right choice for you:

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1. There are Many Treatment Options

There are several options for having your teeth whitened. You can visit a cosmetic dentist and have your teeth whitened through a topical solution or a laser. The topical treatments can include peroxide, bleach, or other agents. The results you get depend on what ingredients are included, and whether the treatment you choose is designed for surface stains or for deep cleaning.

You can also choose from treatment options that are administered by your dentist or that you can do at home. Typically, the options you get at the dentist will be more effective and can act more quickly.

2. Whitening is Safe

Some people worry that whitening treatment will damage their teeth or make them vulnerable to decay. However, teeth whitening treatments are totally safe for your teeth. Even solutions that contain peroxide or bleach do not harm the enamel on your teeth or even dental work, such as fillings. You can use any treatment that your dentist recommends without fear of causing more problems for your teeth.

3. It Doesn’t Hurt

Dental treatment can strike fear into a lot of people. Images of needles and drills cause many people to avoid the dentist altogether. Because of that, some people think that teeth whitening can also hurt, and they may avoid getting that treatment, which can significantly improve the way they feel about their appearance.

The truth is that whitening treatments are not painful. Depending on the type of treatment you receive, you may have some sensitivity during the procedure or for a short time afterward. That is normal, and it is not any indication that there has been a problem with the procedure.

4. It Can Whiten Your Teeth Significantly

How effective a whitening treatment can be depends on how stained your teeth are and what treatment you choose. However, one of the most effective treatments is ZOOM! Teeth whitening, which is a laser treatment. ZOOM! can get your teeth up to eight shades whiter than they are, which is more than other treatments. You can also get significant results in just one session, and those results last up to 18 years.

5. Over-the-Counter Treatments Aren’t as Effective

Plenty of over-the-counter treatments are available for teeth whitening. They are attractive because they are easily accessible and they aren’t as expensive as the options you’ll get from a cosmetic dentist. However, these treatments are not nearly as effective as those treatments your dentist can provide.

Some over-the-counter whitening treatments may get results, but they will take a longer time than dental whitening treatments, and the results won’t be as dramatic. You’ll also need to follow the directions precisely if you want to get any results at all.

Don’t let misconceptions about whitening treatments prevent you from getting the smile you want. With proper cosmetic treatment, you can get a gleaming smile that you will love. You may get the gorgeous smile you remember, or you may be able to get your teeth whiter than you ever had them. Talk to a Glendale cosmetic dentist about your whitening options to get the smile you want.

Aesthetic Dentistry offers the treatment options to help you get the beautiful smile you want. A teeth whitening dentist from our team can help you get a glittering, white smile that will help you look younger and more attractive. We also offer other cosmetic treatments to correct irregularities in your smile, such as the shape and alignment. Call our Glendale office today to make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist and talk about the treatment options to get the smile you want.

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