Help! Why Are My Teeth Becoming Translucent?

Glendale Dentists Explain Why Transparent Teeth Are a Sign Of Enamel Loss

You might be feeling concerned if your teeth are changing color and starting to look transparent or even translucent around the edges. Occasionally, this type of color change can happen even when people practice excellent oral hygiene and see their dentist on a regular basis. Keep reading to learn more about translucent or transparent teeth and what you can do to help prevent this problem before it happens.

A qualified dentist explaining his patient why translucent teeth are a sign for enamel loss in Glendale, AZ

Understanding The Science Behind Translucent Teeth

Teeth are made of multiple layers. The outermost shell of the visible portion of teeth is called enamel, and is thin and semi-transparent. The second layer behind the enamel is called dentin. Since enamel is semi-translucent, most of your teeth’s color comes from dentin, which may be a shade of white but may also be grey, yellow, or off-white. Because the edges of your teeth are made only of enamel, the tips or biting edges may have a bluish, grey, or clear look to them. As enamel wears away, your teeth can start to look translucent or have other discoloration. All of this means that transparent or translucent teeth are the result of the enamel edging on your teeth beginning to wear away.

Why Are My Teeth See-Through?

Eroded or worn enamel is what causes teeth to take on a translucent appearance. Enamel can be worn for several reasons. Some medical reasons for poor enamel formation or weak enamel include:

  • Enamel Hypoplasia

    A genetic condition, enamel hypoplasia causes weak, chalky, or overall thin enamel, giving the teeth a translucent appearance. Unfortunately, any enamel that is present is prone to erosion. Occasionally, a tooth may form without any enamel at all, leaving the dentin completely exposed.

  • Celiac Disease

    Some people believe that celiac disease only affects the intestinal tract as a result of gluten consumption. However, celiac disease, especially when untreated, can cause malabsorption of vitamins and minerals in food, weakening teeth overall, and can also cause pitting, banding, and discoloration of teeth. People with celiac may also have recurrent canker sores, dry mouth, and a shiny red tongue.

  • Bulimia

    This is an eating disorder that causes self-purging and repeated vomiting. When teeth are continually exposed to stomach acid and bile, they can become weakened and damaged.

Symptoms Associated With Enamel Loss & Translucent Teeth

People who have translucent teeth may also find themselves dealing with other symptoms of enamel erosion that can range from cosmetic to inconvenient to painful. If enamel loss is untreated and erosion continues, the darker dentin inside the tooth may be exposed. Some of the symptoms you may experience with enamel loss and translucent teeth include:

  • Tooth Sensitivity

    It’s common to have tooth pain or feelings of sensitivity in response to hot or cold drinks and foods. You may also experience pain from sweet or acidic foods.

  • Changes In Appearance

    Your teeth will begin to appear translucent around the edges. You may also see indentations, other discoloration, cracks, and rough or jagged edges.

  • Canker Sores

    The same acid in your mouth that wears down enamel can also trigger canker sores. You can also get canker sores as a result of the rough, jagged teeth edges rubbing on the inside of your cheeks.

  • Dry Mouth

    If you have acid in your mouth that is causing enamel erosion, you may also have dry mouth. This can be especially detrimental to tooth health because saliva contains enzymes that are designed to fight cavities and bacteria.

Treating Transparent Teeth

If you notice your teeth are starting to look translucent, seek dental care as soon as possible. Translucent teeth with worn enamel are at higher risk of cavities and bacterial infections. There are a few treatment options for translucent teeth, which may include:

  • Dental Veneers

    These are a hard, porcelain shell that sits over the front of a tooth to cover discoloration, gaps, or unusually shaped teeth. They will also protect the teeth from continued erosion.

  • Teeth Bonding

    During this procedure, your dentist matches composite resin to your teeth, which is then molded and shaped to cover them.

  • Dental Crowns

    These are dental inserts made of porcelain or ceramic and are designed to fit right over the top of your teeth, providing structure and strength.

  • Enamel Re-Mineralization

    This involves repairing and filling teeth in Glendale with sodium fluoride, calcium phosphate, and a product called Recaldent.

Preventing Enamel Erosion

Reduce your risk of enamel loss and translucent teeth with proper oral hygiene habits of brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day. You can also try these methods:

  • Boosting Saliva

    Chew gum made with xylitol between meals to stimulate your body’s production of saliva, which contains enzymes that protect and repair teeth.

  • Dental Cleanings

    See your Glendale dentist every 6 months for a professional cleaning and to start treatment of any dental problems as soon as they start.

  • Use a Straw

    When drinking acidic beverages such as soda, use a straw to reduce your teeth’s exposure.

  • Drink Water

    Drink water throughout the day and also after eating, after drinking sugary beverages, and after vomiting.

  • Follow a Healthy Diet

    Limit your consumption of acidic foods and drink, and follow a healthy diet to give your body the nutrition it needs.

  • Manage Acid Reflux

If you have reflux or GERD, manage your condition and avoid eating right before bed to reduce the acid that comes in contact with your teeth.

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