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Peoria dentistry has come along way over the years. Just a few decades ago it was unusual to find an adult who had not lost any teeth. Today, if you see your dentist regularly, there is seldom any reason for tooth extraction.

There are numerous causes of a toothache, such as a cavity, a sinus infection, or an abscessed tooth. Only a dentist can properly diagnose the source of a toothache, with a thorough dental examination, health history, and x-rays.

A toothache is your body’s way of telling you that you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. The most likely cause of a toothache is tooth decay, which will continue to progress until it is properly treated by a Peoria dentist. The most frequent treatment needed for a toothache is to remove the decay and restore the tooth with a tooth colored filling, which is difficult to distinguish from a natural tooth. A toothache with a cavity that has been untreated can decay into a serious that may require a root canal to repair, or may even, if left long enough, may need to be extracted altogether. Speak to a dentist promptly about your Peoria Toothache to ensure quick and minimal treatment.

The best toothache preventative is to practice good oral hygiene, and see your dentist every six months for an oral examination and professional cleaning. By doing this your dentist can catch cavities early, before they become painful, remove plaque, and apply fluoride to prevent future cavities.

Preventative dentistry can help you avoid Peoria toothache pain and tooth loss. Unfortunately many Peoria residents postpone seeing a dentist for a variety of reasons. Some can’t find the time, some don’t feel they can afford dental treatment, and others may be fearful. These are all common misconceptions. Many dentistry’s keep extended and weekend hours in order to meet the needs of their patients while many dentists also offer payment plans. Additionally, dentistry today is virtually painless, with sedation available if needed. There really is no reason not to seek dental care for a toothache in Peoria.

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