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At Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead, we focus on dental procedures that restore the natural beauty, shine, and whiteness of your teeth.

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      Get A Brighter Smile & Prevent Teeth Discoloration!

      Teeth that are bright, white, and look great can drastically improve your self-esteem. Studies have shown that an aesthetically pleasing smile increases self-image, confidence, and the appearance of being smart and successful. As a five-star Peoria dental office, Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead provides a variety of cosmetic dental services.

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      BBB A+ Accredited Peoria Teeth Whitening Dentistry
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      Highly Qualified Teeth Whitening Dentists In Arizona

      Dr. Greg Ceyhan, the lead dentist and owner of Aesthetic Dentistry, is a local Arrowhead resident. He has provided skilled, competent dental procedures to residents of Peoria and the surrounding areas for many years, and is highly sought after for his excellent dental results. Aesthetic Dentistry carries five-star ratings across the web for our incredible services!

      Receive Personalized Teeth Whitening From Our Peoria Dentists

      Experienced & Skilled Cosmetic Dentists Holding Whitened Teeth Sample

      Experienced & Skilled Cosmetic Dentists Near You

      State Of The Art Equipment & Teeth Whitening Methods

      State Of The Art Equipment & Teeth Whitening Methods

      Teeth And Smile Makeover On Patient

      Correct Your Teeth With Our Smile Makeovers

      Dentists' Professional Teeth Whitening Process Explanation For Sensitive Teeth & Gums

      Professional Teeth Whitening For Sensitive Teeth & Gums

      First Class Teeth Whitening Procedures In Peoria

      Say Goodbye To Tooth Staining Agents With Our Whitening Treatment

      Our Peoria cosmetic dentists know that a beautiful smile indicates a healthy and confident person. If you feel embarrassed by how your teeth look or the presence of stains, don’t hesitate to visit our dental office to discuss the options available to you. Teeth stains occur for a variety of reasons, and are actually in two different categories: intrinsic stains and extrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains are deep inside the tooth and cannot be removed by an external process. Extrinsic statins are on the exterior and can be stripped through our peroxide whitening procedure.

      Benefits Of Teeth Whitening Procedure Near Peoria, AZ

      Improve Your Oral Health With Teeth Whitening Near Peoria

      Improve Your Oral Health
      With Teeth Whitening

      Your oral health has a direct impact on your overall physical health, so it is important to keep your teeth and gums well-maintained. At your initial appointment with our Peoria teeth whitening dentist, your teeth will be examined and options will be recommended.

      Self-Esteem & Confidence Benefits Of A White Smile

      Self-Esteem & Confidence Benefits Of A White Smile

      Studies have shown that an attractive, bright white smile gives off the impression of confidence, professionalism, and vitality. While it is natural for our teeth to darken with age and acquire stains, teeth whitening in Peoria is an excellent method of reversing a dim smile.

      Fast & Cost-Effective Treatment Results Near Peoria

      Fast & Cost-Effective
      Treatment Results

      Whether you choose an at-home procedure for total control, a peroxide and gel coating procedure in the office for quick improvement, or innovative Zoom whitening for immediate results, Aesthetic Dentistry is an excellent resource for all your tooth whitening needs.

      What Our Patients Say

      Peoria’s Most Trusted Cosmetic Whitening Dentists

      “Dr. Ceyhan is the best dentist around!”

      Dr. Ceyhan is a true professional. The best dentist in Arizona hands down, he is honest, caring and stays current with his training and equipment. The office is clean and comfortable with a calm, serene, spa like atmosphere. Marie R, Arrowhead AZ

      5 Star Dentistry services in Peoria, Arizona

      No more headaches or jaw aches. Beautiful smile. However the best measure of Dr. Ceyhan is the respect he gets from the specialists he works with. It is clear they admire his work and his opinion, and I believe they actually “up their game” when they know you are one of Dr. Ceyhan’s patients.

      Five Star Rated Dentist Near Peoria
      Jim B., Phoenix
      With much apprehension, I ended up getting some crowns on several of my teeth. Dr. Ceyhan was very gentle and sensitive to my “fear” of this procedure. A major improvement on my smile, which I thought couldn’t be done without more extensive dental work.

      Five Star Rated Dentist Near Peoria
      Jennifer B., Peoria
      Dr. Ceyhan was very personable and considered all my needs and dental issues while discussing the primary issue at hand. He presented multiple solutions including one that was a bit out of the box (at least to me) but also very reasonable and made the most sense.

      Five Star Rated Dentist Near Peoria
      Ryan J., Peoria
      Dr. Ceyhan is a true professional. The best dentist in Arizona hands down, he is honest, caring and stays current with his training and equipment. The office is clean and comfortable with a calm, serene, spa like atmosphere.

      Five Star Rated Dentist Near Peoria
      Marie S., Litchfield Park

      Affordable & Professional Teeth Whitening Near Peoria, AZ

      Teeth Whitening Dentistry Near Peoria With Flexible Payment Options

      Old Couple After An Affordable & Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Near Peoria, AZ

      Research shows that individuals with whiter, brighter teeth have increased self-confidence and the appearance of being smarter, more successful, and more attractive. It is no secret that looking your best has positive impacts on your mental, emotional, and psychological health. At Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead, we offer several options for effective teeth whitening. Whether you choose our in-office Zoom whitening for immediate results, or an at-home process for total control over your teeth whitening, our methods are successful and affordable. Call today to learn more, and don’t forget to ask about our flexible payment plans!

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      How Safe Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

      Professional teeth bleaching is considered to be one of the safest cosmetic dental procedures. It is quick, easy, and painless. The only side effect commonly experienced by patients is mild tooth sensitivity for a few days following the whitening procedure. You simply need to continue brushing your teeth regularly, and visit your dentist if the sensitivity persists.
      Cosmetic dentistry procedures can be performed at virtually any age, for any patient desiring an improved smile, depending on the procedure and its level of discomfort. The only time a cosmetic procedure is not necessary or recommended is when the patient still has baby teeth that are going to fall out and be replaced by adult teeth.
      Depending on the specific whitening procedure you have chosen for your teeth, there is a wide time frame of how long your results will last. Typically, you can expect professional teeth bleaching to last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years, but the actual time depends on factors such as the procedure performed and how well-maintained your teeth are.
      Yes! Teeth whitening procedures are not prohibited for patients with sensitive teeth or gums. In fact, professional teeth whitening in the office is the best option for those patients, as they can be closely monitored throughout the process by the dentist. If too much discomfort occurs, the procedure can be immediately ended with no issue.
      Depending on the procedure used, professionals usually recommend that you only whiten your teeth once a year. This helps to limit any possible sensitivity or potential damage, as well as ensure your smile remains natural-looking. A smile that is overly white looks just as unnatural as a dim smile. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your dentist!
      Well-maintained oral health is the best way to ensure the results from your teeth whitening procedure last. It is also recommended to eliminate tobacco products, coffee, and dark soda or other dark beverages. Regular brushing and flossing can help, along with consistent dental checkups and professional cleanings. Your dentist may also offer whitening touch-up treatments for new stains that occur.

      Why Choose Our Peoria Cosmetic Dentists?

      Peoria Teeth Whitening Professionals You Can Trust

      If you are uncomfortable with your smile, schedule an appointment with Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead right away. Dr. Greg Ceyhan and our expert dental team will examine your teeth and discuss what options may be best for you to whiten your teeth and enhance the appearance of your smile. Our dental team is friendly and knowledgeable, and we strive to create a welcoming environment where you feel comfortable to ask questions without pressure to make a decision. Call Aesthetic Dentistry today to learn more about our teeth whitening procedures and incredible rates!

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