Common Myths about Peoria Root Canals

Root canal” is perhaps one of the scariest phrases that most people can imagine. They may have never had a root canal themselves, or even know someone who has, but they have this horrifying idea of what the experience is like – one filled with intense pain and agony.

Unfortunately, many people avoid important dental treatment because of the myths they have been led to believe about that treatment, and that is especially true for root canals. We’ve put together some of the top myths about Peoria root canals to help you get at the truth so that you can get the treatmenDurt you need when you need it.

Peoria Root Canals

Myth #1: Root Canals are Painful

During a root canal, your dentist extracts infected pulp in the tooth. It requires drilling deep into the tooth and possibly into the gum. When the process is over, the hole is filled and the enamel is repaired with a filling or a crown. The gums may be swollen, and the person may not be able to eat regular foods for a time.

Sounds really painful, right? Well, nowadays, we have excellent anesthetics and pain relievers available, as well as advanced dental techniques that create less trauma during the procedure. Many people say that getting a root canal hurts no worse than getting a filling for a cavity.

Myth #2: It Takes Multiple Visits to Complete a Root Canal

Every root canal is different. The exact course of treatment will depend entirely on the individual and the extent of the infection. Most root canals are conducted in one treatment and in just a couple of hours. Sometimes, a more advanced case may require that the person comes back on a separate day to fill the hole or place a crown. However, in the majority of cases, a root canal is completed in one treatment.

Myth #3: You’ll Get an Infection after a Root Canal

Since the root canal exposes much of the tooth, there is a common misconception that infections are likely after a root canal. While there is a risk of infection any time you get an excision, the chances of getting an infection after a root canal are minimal. Your dentist will use sterile tools and techniques to perform your root canal, and your wound will be appropriately dressed and treated for proper healing. By following your dentist’s after-care instructions, you can minimize your risk of infection.

Myth #4: It’s Better Just to Remove the Tooth

There are many ways to replace teeth now, including implants, bridges, and dentures. But none of these options is better than your natural teeth. While removing the tooth may be a faster procedure, it certainly will not be a better option than getting a root canal and repairing the natural tooth. You’ll have your natural teeth longer, and you’ll enjoy natural and comfortable movement.

Myth #5: You Don’t Need a Root Canal if You Don’t Have Pain

Generally, if you have an infection severe enough that you need a root canal, you will have a great deal of pain. But sometimes, the infection can actually kill off the tooth, so you don’t feel any pain at all. That doesn’t mean the problem is gone. Instead, the infection can continue to spread through to your bone, damaging your jaw and the surrounding tissue. If you’re worried about what a root canal would be like, imagine getting a jaw surgery instead. Make sure you are getting regular dental exams to identify problems in the early stages, and follow the advice of your dentist about getting fillings and a root canal when necessary.

Root canals can seem scary because of the myths that have been spread about them, but they should be feared no more than a simple filling. With the right dentist and the right pain medication, you will feel only minor discomfort, if that. In most cases, people don’t feel a thing, and they have a mild recovery.

Visit Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead to get a dental exam today and find out the status of your oral health. You may have a cavity that needs attention before it can advance to needing a root canal. Our Peoria dentists can provide the quality dental care you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy so you can avoid infections that would lead to a root canal. If you are already experiencing problems, our dentists will help to restore your smile and your oral health. Call us today to make an appointment.


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