Internal Tooth Bleaching

You are probably familiar with external teeth bleaching and may possibly have made use of it. External teeth bleaching is a common cosmetic procedure to whiten and remove stains from the surface of the teeth. However, most people remain unfamiliar with internal tooth bleaching.

When stains cannot be removed from a tooth with external bleaching it can be due to internal stains. Most often internal stains come about after an endodontic treatment or a root canal. Endodontic dentistry treats problems inside the tooth, including problems with the tooth enamel and the nerve pulp. It’s possible that some of these treatments can result in discoloration caused by structural changes within the tooth or from blood or other -fluids that get inside the tooth during the root canal therapy. Surface bleaching will have no effect on discoloration inside the tooth.

Internal tooth bleaching is a procedure designed to remove stains from the inside of the tooth. After the nerve and any infection have been removed, and the root canal has been cleaned, sealed and filled, internal tooth bleaching can be performed.

Internal tooth bleaching involves the insertion of a peroxide gel into the clean, empty pulp chamber. This allows the gel to work directly inside the tooth on the dentin layer. The internal bleaching gel produces the same effect as external bleaching agents, but it simply works on the stains inside of the tooth that can’t be reached by external means.

contributing factors to dark triangles between teeth

At Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead Dr. Ceyhan will examine your teeth and determine the cause of any discoloration. Discolorations can then be bleached either externally or internally, depending on the diagnosis. If the bleaching is unsuccessful he may recommend a porcelain veneer. A veneer is a thin shell of ceramic material placed over the front of the natural tooth surface. When possible, a porcelain veneer is preferable to a crown because a crown requires that the tooth be ground and shaped in preparation, while use of the veneer requires very little change in the natural tooth.

Dr. Ceyhan stays involved with continuing education to ensure that you will receive high quality, cutting edge treatments. Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead offers convenient appointment times, so call today to get started on the road to a healthy, attractive smile.

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