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The last thing you want to do is wake up in your Peoria home with throbbing tooth pain. But it happens to people. This can occur during the day, too. It can indicate severe tooth decay and also that you need a root canal. Dr. Ceyhan or the staff at Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead will be able to do the process for you and get you a painless smile again.

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      When you have a root canal procedure done, you want it performed by experienced dentists. Once our skilled dental team will is sure that this is the right procedure for you, they will then proceed to numb the area and remove all the bad bacteria, the decayed tooth, and the infected pulp. They will then clean the area and put a crown on the tooth to protect it from further damage.

      Having a root canal now is not the scary proposition that it might have been in decades past. Dental technology has advanced so much that it is much like having a cavity filled. If you follow your dentist’s recommendations and after-care treatment, recovery will be easy. You will be in good hands with us. If you’re feeling severe pain, have swollen gums, or have a cracked tooth, make an appointment with our dentists!

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      Root Canal Specialists With 5-Star Reviews

      Our previous patients love the work that we did on their root canals. They saw the care and expertise that Dr. Ceyhan and his staff put into ensuring that everything went smoothly. Afterward, they were able to resume their regular lives without any painful teeth. That is thanks to the clear instructions that they received on how to care for the new crown and also the brushing techniques that can help prevent it from happening again. Feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you.

      It’s always tough to find a place you feel comfortable with especially this day and age, in saying that I felt welcome as soon as I walked through the door the first time. I was greeted with smiles and very courteous and professional staff. 100% recommend.

      Jeremiah T., Glendale
      5-Star Rated Review
      We have been going to Dr. Ceyhan for quite a while now, he was referred to me by my sister. He and his staff are fantabulous!! He is extremely patient, especially with kids, knowledgeable, honest and always explains everything. Highly recommended!! Thank you to Dr Ceyhan, Sarah & Kimberly!!!! We appreciate all you do!!
      Renea B., Glendale
      5-Star Rated Review

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      Benefits Of Getting Root Canal Treatment

      Treat Cavities, Broken Teeth & Pulp Infections Near Peoria

      Treat Cavities, Broken Teeth & Pulp Infections

      Your dentist will suggest a root canal to prevent further tooth decay – which can create problems and pain. They will also do this to keep bacteria from entering a broken tooth or causing issues with tooth pulp.

      Prevent Jawbone Damage And Avoid Tooth Extractions

      Prevent Jawbone Damage & Avoid Tooth Extractions

      When it comes to jawbone damage or damaged teeth, the dentist will do everything that they can to preserve your natural teeth. That includes doing a root canal rather than extracting a tooth and creating a gap.

      Improve Your Overall Oral Health And Smile With Our Dentists Near Peoria

      Improve Your Overall Oral Health & Smile

      A root canal and subsequent crown can make your entire smile look better, That is because there won’t be any noticeable decay or other issues. Your mouth will become pain-free too.

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      Why Choose Our Dental Office For Root Canal Procedures

      Peoria's Qualified Endodontic Specialists

      Qualified Endodontic Specialists

      Affordable Root Canal Treatment Near Peoria

      Affordable Root Canal Treatment

      In-Office Root Canal Therapy For Peoria Residents

      In-Office Root Canal Therapy

      Leading Root Canal & Endodontics Dentist Near You

      Front Tooth & Molar Root Canal Treatment

      Understanding Root Canals | Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead

      When Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

      • If teeth are becoming crooked or overcrowded
      • If teeth have suffered severe trauma or decay
      • If orthodontic treatment is about to begin
      • If a tooth is beyond restoration

      FAQs About Root Canal Treatment

      Not quite. Root canals have become a routine procedure, and because you will be under anesthesia during the entire time, you won’t feel a thing, although you might feel from slight discomfort to mild pain once the effects wear off. Don’t hesitate to contact your dentist if you experience severe pain or if it lasts longer than just a few days. So do not worry about getting a root canal, leaving it unattended can cause more harm to both your health and your budget.
      If you have a cavity, complications with previous cavity fillings, or have had an accident in the mouth area, there are chances that you might need to visit your dentist. On the other hand, if you are feeling pain or discomfort, have a severe toothache, swollen gums, or high or lingering sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages, those are symptoms that an infection might have hit a nerve or even reached the root. If you have any of these symptoms don’t hesitate to contact our dental office near Peoria.
      This depends on how deep the infection is within the pulp. If it is in the top layers, then yes, it could be saved. But the deeper the decay goes into the pulp, the lower the chances of saving your tooth via root canal are. This means that you need to see your dentist quickly if there is any mouth pain. Otherwise, you risk the pulp getting more and more infected and thus creating the stronger possibility of losing the active tooth. Talk with your dentist as soon as you feel pain.
      Yes, since if it becomes damaged or starts decaying, then that can be very bad for the tooth. Leaving it in there or only removing a portion would likely not work. The dentist removes the pulp and then cleans out the area and covers it so that no more bacteria can get in. They will then have you come in again so that you can have a permanent dental crown put in over the tooth and protect it. You will be able to eat and drink as you did before, with a few exceptions, like hard candies, since the crown is not unbreakable.
      You can expect a bit of discomfort after the procedure. It is normal to feel discomfort and even mild pain after the procedure, you can take over-the-counter pain medication if you need help managing the pain, but you can expect it to be gone in just a few days. If you experience severe pain or it lasts for longer than 5 days don’t hesitate to contact us.

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