Don’t be Shy to Smile with Your New Phoenix Dentures!

Don’t be Shy to Smile with Your New Phoenix Dentures!

Don’t be Shy to Smile with Your New Phoenix Dentures!

Here are some tips on making the most of your new dentures!
Phoenix, Arizona

If you have come to a time in your life that you need dentures, you may be apprehensive about the outcome. You may be wondering, “will I still look like me?” “Will everyone see that I have dentures?” No one wants to end up with noticeably fake teeth. Perhaps you’ve never liked your natural teeth and are looking forward to a more attractive smile, but would still prefer that it doesn’t discernibly scream “dentures.”

Most Phoenix dental patients are looking for a dentist that can help them achieve an attractive smile with a natural appearance that reflects their individuality. This is usually achieved with dentures that are able to mimic your natural teeth while correcting flaws that you dislike in your natural teeth. A skillful Phoenix cosmetic dentist can do just that.

The first thing to do is to seek out a knowledgeable dentist. Getting Phoenix dentures is a big step. You want a dentist you can trust to help you decide if this is the best course of action for you, and if it is, to help you make the right choices to achieve the smile you desire.

Something dental patients need to take into consideration is that the smile you have today is not the same smile you had when you were younger. You may not have noticed it since it happens so gradually, but smiles change as you grow older. As you age your teeth wear down, shortening the space that your teeth take up, thereby shortening your lower face. As you grow older, less of your teeth show when you smile, the shape of your smile becomes flatter and your lips become thinner.

There are many things that a dentist must take into consideration. The appearance of your smile includes the size and shape of your teeth, how much gum shows, the color of your gums, and how the facial muscles function when you smile.

Your dentist can help you determine what you hope to achieve with your dentures. For example, if you would like to restore your smile to its youthful appearance bring in a picture of your younger smile to give your dentist an idea what you are looking for. Tell your dentist which features of your natural smile you like and which you dislike and would like to improve upon. A skillful dentist will work with you to achieve the best possible results with a smile makeover, for example.

It’s to be expected that dentures will lead to some changes in your smile, just as the changes in your teeth have already changed your smile, but the extent of changes depends on how well your dentures are made and fitted.

When you receive your new dentures your dentist will probably want to see you the very next day in order to make adjustments to make them more comfortable and to avoid future problems or discomfort.It’s completely normal for new dentures to feel like a foreign object in your mouth. Like braces, they require an adjustment. During this adjustment. It’s not unusual to bite your tongue or cheek and to have difficulty speaking.

Speaking difficulties are usually short-lived and can be more quickly overcome the more that you practice speaking with your new dentures in place. Singing along with the radio or reading aloud can hasten the adjustment.

Part of the adjustment period also includes learning to chew with your new dentures. It’s recommended that you start out chewing small bits of soft food. When you feel you have mastered this you can gradually work your way into larger bites and then firmer food.

If your dentures fit well you may not require dental adhesive, although many patients do. During the adjustment period it will also become second nature for the muscles of your face and mouth to help keep the dentures in place. While new dentures may feel foreign and uncomfortable at first, irritation or dental pain that persists should be investigated by your Phoenix dentist.

It’s very important that denture wearers practice scrupulous dental hygiene. Poor dental hygiene can result in more serious conditions such as fungal infections or periodontal disease.
better smiles with Phoenix dentures
A soft brush should be used to clean the gums, palate and tongue when the dentures are removed at night. The dentures should then be brushed gently to remove debris and prevent plaque buildup. They can then be soaked in a denture cleaner. In the morning, before inserting your dentures, you should again brush your gums, palate and tongue to remove any plaque and to stimulate circulation.

A word to the wise: when cleaning and handling your dentures place a towel or sink mat in the basin or fill the basin with water to prevent accidental breakage.

It’s important to inform your dentist if you experience persistent problems with your dentures such as chipping, cracking or persistent irritation. It is known that during the first year the gums will shrink the most, but throughout your lifetime your gums and bones will continue to experience slight changes. Eventually your dentures may no longer fit properly and may need to be relined or replaced.

At Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead, Dr. Ceyhan has decades of experience in fitting dentures. He is always involved in continuing education in order to offer you the latest treatment options. There have been various advances in dentures such as implant supported dentures. In this procedure several implants (which are artificial tooth roots) are placed into your jawbone in order to securely anchor your dentures. The implants may also help to reduce bone loss and the accompanying facial and gum changes

If you have experienced tooth loss or are suffering with ill-fitting dentures, call Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead to schedule a consultation. Dr. Ceyhan and his staff will perform a thorough oral examination, discuss the available options and explain the costs involved and the payment options open to you.

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