Prevent Dental Implant Problems With A North Phoenix Dentist

How Listening to Your North Phoenix Dentist Can Help You Spot the Early Signs of Dental Implant Problems

How Listening to Your North Phoenix Dentist Can Help You Spot the Early Signs of Dental Implant Problems

How Listening to Your North Phoenix Dentist Can Help You Spot the Early Signs of Dental Implant Problems

Here are some tips on how working with your dentist can help your dental implants’ health.
North Phoenix, Arizona

Many North Phoenix dental implant patients feel the greatest hurdles to overcome are; making the choice to use dental implants, undergoing the actual procedure, and the first few days post procedure that may be accompanied by some swelling and discomfort.

Your North Phoenix dentist may feel that the critical timeline for the success of dental implants includes a much longer period of time. Following your dentist’s post procedure care instructions and being faithful to keep all post procedure appointments are crucial elements in attaining healthy, strong dental implants.

While you may feel that your dental implants are doing just fine, those post procedure appointments are imperative, as your Phoenix dentist is trained to spot early signs of complications that you might miss. The earlier a problem is detected the more likely it is that it can be treated effectively, thereby avoiding failure of the dental implant.

Caring for the health of dental implants is actually a joint venture between the patient and the dentist. A good dentist will educate the patient on the care and cleaning of dental implants, the signs that complications may be developing, and the importance of keeping all dental appointments. A good patient will take note of the instructions given by their dentist, keep the implant and mouth clean, faithfully go to all of their dental checkups, and promptly report any concerns to their dentist, even if it’s not time for a checkup.

A study emphasizing the importance of patient education, and compliance with their dentist, shows some interesting findings:

When a dental implant is loose, due to less than optimal osseointegration, (how the implant fuses with the jawbone) the dentist diagnosed the problem during a checkup about 13% of the time while the patient was able to notice nearly 15% of the time.

Fractures are another area where the patient’s observation exceeded that of the dentist. The dentist detected a fractured restoration 1.5% of the time while the patient detected the fracture 5% of the time.

The dentists did excel at detecting occlusion, meaning the upper and lower teeth collide when the mouth is closed. Dental Implants in North Phoenix The dentist detected the problem over 5% of the time while the patient only reported the problem about 1% of the time. In addition, the complications that were detected by the patient were most likely detected due to thorough patient education by the dentist. If the patient does not follow the instructions given by the dentist there is a much higher risk of complications.

In the United States over 3 million patients receive dental implants each year and the numbers are growing. Today the success rate for dental implants is around 95%. At Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead we see a high rate of patient satisfaction with dental implants. Remember, it’s important to seek out a dentist who is experienced at placing dental implants in order to have the greatest chance of success. Contact us today if you have any concerns or questions about your dental implants.

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