Common Phoenix Dental Implants Myths

Common Phoenix Dental Implants Myths

Common Phoenix Dental Implants Myths

Here are some examples of myths regarding dental implants.
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Dental implants have been used effectively by Phoenix dentists for over four decades now. Although Phoenix dental implants demonstrate many advantages over other methods of tooth replacement, many common myths and misconceptions still remain. Here are some examples of myths regarding dental implants:

Dental implants are far too expensive.

Several factors expose this as a misconception. Dental implants, as with other modern technology, were at their most expensive when they were first introduced.

Advances in modern technology and the prevalence of Phoenix dentist’s using dental implants has resulted in lower prices. In addition, dental implants are made to be permanent and if properly cared for, may last a lifetime, while a dental bridge seldom lasts over ten years. Therefore, dental implants can be less costly than a dental bridge over the course of time.

The procedure is too painful.

Another myth. While you will be somewhat sore for the first few days you should not be in severe pain. Many patients tell their dentist that having dental implants placed was not nearly as bad as they expected. Most people do well with just over the counter pain relievers, but if you find you need more pain relief your Phoenix dentist can prescribe a stronger pain medication. If you begin taking pain medication before the local anesthetic wears off and continue taking it as directed you should be fairly comfortable. It’s recommended that you begin taking pain medication immediately, before the local anesthetic wears off. It is much easier to ward off pain than it is to relieve pain after it has built up for some time. If you follow your dentist’s instructions carefully it’s likely that you will do just fine.

It’s too time consuming to get dental implants.

Wrong again. The placing of dental implants is not time consuming. It’s true that it can take months for the bone to heal around and fuse with the implant, but depending where in your mouth the implant goes, your Phoenix cosmetic dentist has various methods of providing temporary teeth so that you won’t have the embarrassment of missing teeth while waiting for your implant to heal and be ready to have the crown placed on it. When the implant has completely healed it actually becomes part of your jawbone, just like a natural tooth root, thereby providing a long term natural looking and feeling tooth replacement.
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