Tooth Extraction Vs. Root Canal: Should You Save The Tooth?

Pull My Tooth Or Save It: Which One Is Ideal For Me?

There’s no doubt that once a tooth develops a crack or decays to needing an extraction, it is a less appealing option to attempt to save it. The truth is, you are left with two options when this happens: extraction or root canal. And while we are sure many people have heard about the procedure, not all fully understand what it entails. 

Here’s a closer look at both options and how they compare according to an Arrowhead Arizona dentist

Pull My Tooth Or Save It: Which One Is Ideal For Me?

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal treatment or endodontics is a dental process that treats infection at the center of the tooth. It replaces the infected pulp with an inert material. This process is simple and unpainful. 

Once the dentist numbs the area, it will open in the affected tooth so remove the dead pulp carefully. Once it has been removed, the pulp chambers will be cleaned to make sure there are no bacteria left behind. Then, the dentist will fill in the chambers with a dental material that replaces your damaged pulp. 

The dentist may place a crown on the tooth to restore its strength and appearance. Once the process is ready, you may need other visits to ensure the tooth is healing properly. 

Root Canal Aftercare

You will probably feel some pain for a few days. This pain can vary from mild to acute pain, but you can manage it with over-the-counter painkillers. You may also need to avoid eating solid foods for two days (at most) while the tooth is healing. 

If the pain you feel is too intense, feel free to contact your Glendale dentist, they may know other options to ease the pain right away. 

What Is Tooth Extraction?

As the name implies, a tooth extraction is a dental process that completely removes the tooth from its socket. Many people refer to this process as ‘pulling’ a tooth. 

Only a certified dentist can make this dental process. The dentist starts the extraction by numbing the area so that you don’t feel discomfort or pain. Then, they use a lever-like item (known as ‘elevator’) to loosen the tooth in the socket. Once it is loose, the dentist will officially extract it. You may feel some pressure, but nothing too severe for you to worry.

Once the tooth is ‘pulled out’, you’ll bite on a piece of gauze for at least 45 minutes to block the blood flow that will naturally occur. During this time, stay alert to the indications the dentist will offer.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

You will experience light bleeding for up to 24 hours after the process finishes. You may also feel facial swelling, so you’ll need some ice packs to reduce the inflammation. 

As in root canals, you will have to avoid solid foods for a few days. Your North Phoenix dentist will always let you know the best time for eating again. 

Even if you’re ready to eat solids, start with soft, cold foods that don’t irritate the extraction area. While healing, you can get back to your normal eating little by little. 

When Can I Save My Teeth?

From both options, it’s clear that the root canal is the best one to save teeth. You may need this procedure when you have damaged, diseased or dead pulp, but the rest of the teeth is fine. 

The pulp is the deepest layer of the teeth, so it offers healthy blood flow. However, it can be damaged if you crack your teeth or develop cavities.

In both situations you’re at risk of allowing bacteria from your mouth to reach the pulp. This risk can lead to infection, which usually ends up with the dying of the pulp. 

When Should My Teeth Be Extracted?

In some cases, you cannot save your teeth, and the dentist will need to remove them. It normally happens when you have a large cavity that risks too much of your tooth’s structure. An extraction may be the best alternative if your tooth has several damages.

An Arizona dental clinic may also recommend you a tooth extraction if your tooth has a crack below the gumline. 

Contact An Arizona Dentist To Get More Info

Only a dental professional will be able to examine your damaged tooth and decide the most appropriate treatment. If you’re doubtful about a root canal or a tooth extraction, feel free to contact Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead, one of the best options for dental work in the Glendale Arrowhead area. 

We know that root canal vs. tooth extraction is a difficult choice, so let us help you determine the best one according to your situation. At Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead you can also find other treatments like veneers, implants, teeth whitening, and more. Schedule an appointment with our dental office for more help! 


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