What are the different types of braces and
their unique advantages?

Now that we’ve mentioned some of the different kinds of braces, let’s discuss what makes each kind of aesthetic dental work unique and their distinct advantages over all of the other choices out there.

Metal Braces

Options for Glendale Metal Braces

Glendale braces so great is that they are undoubtedly effective despite sometimes causing very minor irritation to the mouth when first applied. But, once your mouth adapts to your new braces you will hardly notice them.

One other advantage to metal braces is that they are tough and durable but you will certainly want to avoid hard, crunchy, and extremely chewy foods. But don’t worry, for you will become well adjusted to eating with your braces in a few days.

Finally, you do have the option of picking the color of the ligatures, dental rubber bands, of your braces so you can customize your new metal braces in Arrowhead to an extent.

Ceramic Braces

For those who hate the cosmetic appearance of metal braces and would like to try and keep quiet the fact that they are wearing braces, ceramic braces might be what you’re exactly looking for. One of the best advantages of ceramic braces is that they are inherently transparent, which can provide a more pleasing dental work experience for those who don’t want all that silver or gold metal poking out every time they smile. The brackets in ceramic braces don’t stain but the wearer must still be careful because it is possible for the clear ties or wires to stain. Though the ties and wires are often exchanged frequently you should still check how often before you decide to use ceramic braces.

The Many Options For Straightening Your Teeth | Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead

Clear Plastic

Continuing in the vain of transparent braces, we now come across clear plastic braces. What makes these so unique is that they can be just as effective as metal braces, giving the wearer the hope of correcting serious misalignments. In addition to the effectiveness of clear plastic, they also offer the transparency very similar to the ceramic braces that many people look for when choosing which orthodontics to wear. Clear plastic braces are stain resistant as well as many of the wires that are used with these braces. Keep in mind though that clear plastic braces are more brittle than metal braces in Arrowhead, which means that you might just have to prepare for longer removal times when your orthodontist takes them off. Overall, clear plastic braces are a great aesthetic choice and one definitely worth considering.


Straighten Your Teeth With Glendale Invisalign Some of the best features about Glendale Invisalign is that in all reality, they aren’t really braces. Invisalign is more like an aligner and therefore provides of it’s strongest features right away– the fact that Invisalign can be removed by the patient at any time they want. This also means that while undergoing teeth realignment, it’s much easier to eat and enjoy your favorite foods. Whereas traditional braces in Arrowhead can’t be removed and those with metal braces must watch what they eat, a huge benefit of Invisalign is that the wearer can eat whatever they want after taking the Invisalign out. This also means that flossing is easy to do, which is obviously a very important part in dental care. Another unique aspect of Invisalign is that they are about as close as orthodontic work comes to being clear and not visible to other people. Those who enjoy smiling and would feel uncomfortable doing such if they had metal braces can rest assured that Invisalign barely shows while they have their moderate misalignments straightened out.

Obviously there are many, many more choices for Glendale braces out there but this was just explaining some of the unique features of some that we mentioned in a previous blog. If you have questions please contact Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead and we’d be happy to discuss what your options are. Thanks for reading!

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