The Positive Effects of Peoria Braces for Adult Teeth

The Positive Effects of Peoria AZ Braces for Adult Teeth - Cosmetic Dentistry

The Positive Effects of Peoria Braces for Adult Teeth
Braces for adults have become a common cosmetic dental procedure in Peoria.
Peoria, AZ

Do you feel self-conscious about your teeth? Some people grew up with crooked teeth because their families couldn’t afford braces. Other adults have misaligned teeth because their teeth couldn’t be properly straightened by old-fashioned methods. Still others wore braces to straighten their teeth when they were young but were not faithful in wearing their retainers like their dentist recommended, so their teeth gradually shifted out of place again. Many adults in Peoria mistakenly think braces are for teenagers.

Sometimes people are hesitant to wear adult braces in Glendale. They are concerned about what people will think, how they will look and how much adult braces will cost, but they continue to dream about having the attractive smile they’ve always wished for. Age really shouldn’t be a concern. We look at age much differently today since people are living much longer and modern dentistry can help them keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime. Just a few decades ago it was uncommon to reach middle age and still have all of your teeth. Now it’s not uncommon for senior citizens to wear adult braces.

Today somewhere between 25 to 50 percent of patients wearing braces are adults. Modern braces are much less cumbersome than they were years ago. Contemporary braces no longer use bands that wrap all the way around the teeth, headgear and other uncomfortable equipment. They consist of small brackets glued to the teeth and use fine, lightweight wires. The brackets and wires can be tooth colored or clear to make them less noticeable and use gentle, low force to make them more comfortable. Today’s braces are more aesthetically appealing, involve less pain, and move teeth more quickly than ever before. Adult braces are generally worn between 12 and 24 months. Even many celebrities, like Tom Cruise, have recently worn adult braces.

Adult braces can correct more than just cosmetic problems. One of the most important things for your Peoria dentist to evaluate is your bite, which is the way your top and bottom teeth come together when your mouth is closed. Your dentist is just as concerned with the function of your mouth and your oral health as they are with the appearance of your teeth.

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Improperly aligned teeth, or malocclusion, can result in many issues, such as problems with breathing, speaking and cleaning your teeth. When teeth are crowded it can be nearly impossible to clean the entire surface and can result in plaque, tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

Misaligned teeth can also prevent proper chewing of your food, which is the first step in digestion. This can result in chronic indigestion and gastrointestinal problems. Another health problem resulting from an improper bite is TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) which causes jaw and tooth pain, earaches and headaches.

Not everyone is a candidate for adult braces. To find out, schedule an appointment with your Peoria cosmetic dentist. Your dentist will need to assess your oral health in order to determine that your teeth, gums, and jaw bones are healthy enough for braces. If you show signs of gum disease or bone loss you may not be able to wear braces.

If your dentist feels that you’re a good candidate for adult braces he will need x-rays, photos and dental impressions to make models of your teeth. Your dentist will use this information to draw up a treatment plan to straighten your teeth and correct your bite. You will have input when choosing the type of brackets you prefer and your dentist will discuss the cost with you. Many Peoria dentists offer payment plans.

If you are considering adult braces you’ll be pleased to know that in most cases obtaining the smile you want is easier than you thought, and patients report a high degree of satisfaction with the results. Life can be more enjoyable with a healthy, confident smile.

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