5 Cheap Orthodontics and Affordable Braces Options

Braces aren’t cheap. In fact, the cost is notorious. You hear people make the reference all the time: “I can’t afford to quit. I have kids in braces!” Or “I’ve got two kids in braces; I need to put in longer hours.” Orthodontic treatment is often referenced as a financial burden or a serious obligation that requires diligence at work or even extra effort.

5 cheap orthodontics and affordable braces options

But braces don’t have to be a financial burden. In fact, there are many ways to get affordable braces or to make orthodontic treatment in Glendale more affordable. Here are five ways to do that in Glendale, Arizona:

Consider Different Options

Consider different options for braces

It used to be that you had only one option for braces. Now, you have many options for style and material, and each of them requires a different investment. The traditional, metallic braces are the least expensive option. Invisalign braces in Glendale, which are rigid, plastic trays that fit over the teeth, are typically the most expensive option. Ceramic braces are designed like metallic braces, but the ceramic is the color of the teeth, so these braces are usually less noticeable than metallic braces. Ceramic braces often fall somewhere in the middle in terms of price.

If you have no other concerns besides the way the braces look, you may consider choosing a less expensive option for the Glendale braces.

Contact a Dental School

Ask about dental school for braces

A local dental school may have an orthodontics clinic that provides free or reduced cost treatment. Students are required to provide treatment under supervision as part of their education, so not only could you save money by getting treatment from one of these clinics, but you could also be helping a student get valuable experience.

Choose this option with caution. You would be seeing students, so there is obviously some risk that you would not be getting the very best treatment. Students are supervised, but there is still room for error. Just go to the best dental school that you can if you choose this option.

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Max Out Your Dental Insurance

Most dental insurance plans provide coverage for orthodontic treatment in north Phoenix. Some provide a maximum amount for the year, and some will provide that amount for each year of coverage. Other plans provide a maximum amount for the life of the treatment. For example, if you have a $1,000 benefit, you would only get that amount covered for all of your braces treatment.

Your Glendale dentist can help you understand what your insurance plan provides, or you can call your insurance provider yourself to get a better handle on what, exactly, is covered.

Ask about Payment Plans

Ask about payment plans for braces

You may not be able to get the price of treatment lowered, but you may be able to make it more affordable. Many dentists offer payment plans of their own or through a service. Often, these plans are available at 0 percent interest or a low interest rate. You may also have options for manipulating the length of the pay-back term, which can help you keep the monthly payments low and well within means of your budget.

Apply for Dental Assistance

Sometimes, there are no amount of discounts or payment options that can make orthodontic treatment possible for some budgets. Yet the treatment is necessary for good dental health. Some dentists offer assistance programs for those who can’t afford the full cost of treatment. Ask your dentist if such a program is available, either through the office or through another organization.

You don’t have to avoid the orthodontics treatment that you need because of finances. There are many ways to make treatment affordable, either by getting the cost lowered or getting assistance with the payment.

Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead offers affordable braces and other orthodontic treatment options in Glendale, Arizona and the surrounding area. When you meet with our experienced dentist, you will learn about all the options for your treatment, as well as potential ways to save money. We offer payment plans and assistance where appropriate. In addition to orthodontic treatment, we offer complete dental services, including dental exams and cleanings, fillings, teeth whitening, veneers, gum therapy, dentures and more. We work with patients of all ages and we strive to make treatment as comfortable as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

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