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Snoring is a common condition that can be mildly disturbing to others and often distressing to the snorer. Statistics vary on how many people do actually snore but there is evidence to suggest that susceptibility to snoring can increase the older you get. It is proven that snoring, even mildly, can cause sleep deprivation to both the snorer and anybody around that person. This in turn can cause daytime exhaustion, or irritability, or even a loss of focus throughout the day.

However, most people don’t realize that snoring can be a serious health hazard. Heavy snoring can be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a condition that is potentially dangerous and can be life threatening. And even if it isn’t life threatening, OSA can be a cause of severe life alterations and lower quality of life. Sleep apnea is often associated with hypertension, headaches, and even strokes.

Snore Treatment Dental Services by Aesthetic Dentistry of ArrowheadFortunately there are ways to treat severe snoring for residents of Glendale, especially if it causes OSA. Your city of Glendale dentist can custom fit you with a dental appliance called a mandibular advancement splints that will help control the snoring. This has been shown to be very effective when treating snoring, or OSA, for people living in Glendale, Arizona. This small plastic device fits in the mouth, and when worn at night prevents the collapse of throat tissues, eliminating the cause of the snoring. There are other ways of treating snoring, such as using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. Though the machines are effective they can be quite cumbersome for Glendale residents with OSA.

But the only way that residents of Glendale with snoring problems can discuss these options is if they make an appointment with their Peoria dental professional. This will allow the dentist to determine the severity of the snoring problem and your dentist and you can agree upon the best course of action for your snoring. This, of course, will not only mean that you’ll get a better night’s sleep but so will your loved ones who will no longer have to listen to mild to severe snoring when they sleep.

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