Inspire braces offers a clear bracket that produces the same superior results seen by traditional metal braces in Arrowhead. Made from a high-quality sapphire material, these braces are unlike tooth-colored braces in that they are clear, discreet, and practically invisible. Inspire braces are strong and resist breakage, and do not stain or discolor over time. Additionally, the smooth surface of the Inspire brackets reduces the friction with the teeth increasing comfort and making them require less force to remove.

While clear, removable trays may seem like a tempting option, the need for uninterrupted compliance and the difficulties with childrens’ ever-changing dental landscape can make them inappropriate for some people. Inspire braces offered in Glendale, AZ from Dr. Greg Ceyhan offers the uncompromised results you get from real braces, while doing away with the ugly metal brackets that can make braces so noticeable and unattractive. Whether you are looking for a discreet option for your child or for yourself, Inspire may the the choice for you.

It has been shown that people with straight, white smiles are seen as more successful, more attractive, and smarter, and today even many celebrities are straightening their teeth with aesthetic braces. Looking professional is an important part of your job, and can help you gain rapport, improve your job performance, and increase your self-confidence that other people can see and feel. Part of your professional image is your smile, and straight, white teeth are naturally more attractive and healthier. Additionally, crowded, crooked, improperly spaced teeth are far more difficult to keep clean, leading to cavities and gum disease. When teeth don’t come together properly during chewing, this can cause difficulty chewing, TMJ pain, Bruxism (teeth grinding), and irregular wear of the enamel. Straightening your teeth can assist in preventing these issues, and can reduce symptoms and recurrences if you already have developed problems.

female patient after wearing inspire braces
Hi, I’m Dr. Greg Ceyhan from Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead in Glendale, Arizona, and that’s in the Arrowhead area. There are many kinds of different braces out there on the market, just like any other dental device that you’d use on somebody. But the most popular brands are, you’ve got the metal braces and you’ve got the ones that are not metal, such as clear plastic or ceramic or porcelain type of braces. And either one will work equally well. Another type of brace or a non-brace way of straightening teeth, is aligners and there’s various brands out there. The two main ones are ClearCorrect and Invisalign and they’re usually just clear shells that fit over the teeth and actually can just move the teeth slowly over time.

Make an appointment today with Dr. Greg Ceyhan to see what options are best for your individual circumstances. Whether your Inspire braces are the only procedure necessary to improve you smile, or if they are just one step in a full smile makeover, Dr Ceyhan can help you achieve your aesthetic goals for a healthier, happier smile.

Visit your licensed North Phoenix area dentist to see if Inspire Braces will work for you or your child.

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