Orthodontic Treatment Timeline and What To Expect During Your Visits

Video Transcript

Dr. Greg Ceyhan: “Hi, I’m Dr. Greg Ceyhan from Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead in Glendale, Arizona and that’s in the Arrowhead area.

Typically, when we have patients going through orthodontic care, we will see them either monthly or every eight weeks. Depending on what part of treatment they’re in and where they are in treatment, we may see them more frequently or less frequently. But typically, you can see them for monthly visits. And treatment time can go anywhere from six months, a year to three years depending on the complexity of the problems they have. But generally, treatment runs anywhere from one to two years.

Dr. Ceyhan has a special interest in the field of Glendale orthodontics

Usually at the monthly appointments, we’re just checking things to make sure they’re tracking and moving along as they should. Sometimes we’re re-tightening the appliance or changing out wires or replacing aligners. It really all depends on where they are in treatment. Sometimes, they will be instructed to wear rubber bands or elastics while they’re not at the office. So, there’s different things going on at different times. We’re just making sure that, or monitoring that teeth are moving the way they should and if they are, what’s the next step that we should do in our treatment plan.”

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