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Having a good dentist is essential to your oral health, and your oral health has a direct bearing on your overall health. Like other health care providers, there can be a great deal of difference from one dentist to another, so how do you go about finding a good dentist?Word of mouth can be the best advertisement, so begin by asking friends, co-workers, and neighbors for recommendations. If you are preparing to move to a new area, ask your current dentist if he can recommend a dentist there. Your family doctor may also be able to make a recommendation. If you are new in town and have no one to ask for a recommendation you can contact The American Dental Association. If possible, you should visit more than one dentist before making this important choice.

Hopefully you and your dentist will have a long term health care relationship, so you will want someone that you are comfortable with. You will be placing a great deal of trust in this person.

Is this dentist friendly and compassionate? A good dentist will take a personal interest in you and your health. Is the rest of the staff kind and helpful? Observe the office. It should be spic and span. Do the dentist and all of the staff wear gloves and masks at all times during procedures? Feel free to ask what sterilization methods they employ. They should sterilize their tools and implements after each use and wash their hands between patients. Autoclaving is the most common sterilization method for the majority of dental instruments that are heat stable. Don’t underestimate the importance of cleanliness and proper sterilization procedures, as these are always important in every health care field, including dentistry.

Once you have found a Glendale Arizona dentist that you feel comfortable with some questions you may wish to consider are:

  • Where was the dentist educated?
  • What degrees does he or she hold?
  • Is he or she involved in continuing education?
  • What special fields of dentistry is he or she trained in?
  • Does the dentist attend continuing education classes or conferences to keep up with the latest treatments?
  • Is the dentist experienced in working with children?
  • Does he or she practice preventive dentistry?
  • If any type of anesthesia is needed, what types of anesthesia is the dentist certified to administer?

Inquire what services the dentist offers, and about their dentistry experience with any of the procedures you may require. If the dentist doesn’t offer a service you need, can they refer you to a dentist that does?

In addition consider; is the office conveniently located in relation to where you live and work? How far is it from your child’s school? What are the office hours, and how do they coincide with your work and school schedules? Consider the amount of time it will take you to get to the dentist’s office in an emergency. How do they handle after hours or weekend emergency needs? Are there arrangements made for other dentists to handle emergencies if your dentist is not available?

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What types of fees and payment plans can you expect? Does this dentist accept your dental health insurance? What will your out-of-pocket expense be? If you are uninsured you may wish to compare dental fees by asking for estimates on some common procedures such as having a cavity filled, or getting an oral examination and cleaning.

When a dentist recommends costly, extensive dental work you may wish to seek a second opinion. No dentist should resist you getting a second opinion. If the treatment plan is sound, it will hold up to examination by another dentist. However, the cost of dental work is not the most important factor in making a decision. Notice the time and effort the dentist takes to do the work. High-quality dentistry sometimes takes a little longer, but the end result is dental work lasts a long time, while poor-quality work may soon need to be re-done.

At Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead the first thing you will receive is a thorough dental examination which begins with a visual examination of your face and neck and mouth. Dr Ceyhan will then inspect your gums, teeth, tongue, lips, and palate. He will proceed to examine your bite and your jaws for any problems.

Since many potential problems aren’t visible to the naked eye, your exam will generally include x-rays. X-rays can show the extent of gum disease and bone loss as well as cavities between teeth and below the gum line. Early intervention can help avoid more costly repairs later on.

At Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead, conveniently located in Glendale Arizona, we pride ourselves on the quality and scope of our work. Contact our office today!

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